Fordham University Graduate School of Education: NEW Dr. Bill Baker Book: "Every Leader is an Artist"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NEW Dr. Bill Baker Book: "Every Leader is an Artist"

Dr. Bill Baker's (Claudio Aquaviva Chair of Education and Journalist in Residence) new book (with Michael O'Malley, Ph.D.), containing a foreword by David Gautschi (Dean of the Graduate School of Business Administration, Fordham University) is now out in hardcover!

Every Leader Is An Artist: Mastering the 12 Skills of Visionary Leadership makes the compelling case that many of the attributes that make a person a great leader- and are in an entirely different category from personality- are those that make someone a superior artist, as well, among them intention, focus, authenticity, skill, and imagination. 

Like artists, leaders put their work on display every day, in front of judgemental, and discriminating, audiences.  Like artists, leaders strive to be better and perfect over time.  It isn't something you wholly acquire with the receipt of a graduate degree or corporate title.  Nor is leadership a skill that can be honed through osmosis:  passive observation and tenure.  Excellence in any craft requires greater dedication than that. 

Every Leaders Is An Artist doesn't have a universal rating scale that measures leadership from 1 to 100- for the same reasons there isn't a scale for quantifying art; it can't be honed.  However, the authors (working together again after 2008's Leading With Kindness: How Good People Consistently Get Superior Results) have drawn up a list of twelve criteria that can be used to measure the essential art and great leadership.  Using a dozen accessible and hand-picked art-related vignettes that reflect each of principles in the author's criteria, the illustrations are insightful and educational, and should inspire you, leader, to apply the principle to your business practice. 

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