Fordham University Graduate School of Education: "The Daily Doodle": GSE Alum Publishes Interactive Children's Book

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The Daily Doodle": GSE Alum Publishes Interactive Children's Book

When Dr. Janet Mentore Lee received her Ph.D. in School Psychology at GSE in 1999, she moved on from Fordham to become a licensed child psychologist in private practice in New Caanan, Connecticut. As a result of 10 years of experiences with parents and children, encouraging open communication, as well as her own interest in journaling, Dr. Lee created an interactive book, "The Daily Doodle," geared towards children aged four to seven. The book, currently available through and, as well as through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide, introduces children to the concept of writing in a journal daily by providing 50-plus pages of sentence starters for them to complete with their parents. The book also provides "feelings thermometers," through which children can assess how happy or sad they are for the day, and scribble breaks every few pages.

"The problem with journals when you are younger is it is very hard for kids to come up with how they are feeling and what they are thinking," says Dr. Lee, a mother of four herself. "[The Daily Doodle] prompts the child and gives them ideas of how to express themselves." These prompts are intended to help children uncover their thoughts, feelings, and coping skills, and the interactive nature of the book promotes parental engagement in what Lee calls "3 C Journaling", meaning that parents can collaborate, create, and connect with their children through it.

Lee hopes to create additional tween and teen versions of the journal by next year. For more information about Dr. Lee or "The Daily Doodle", visit her website at:

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